The sea may be a dangerous place, and lots of sorts of accidents can occur when you’re on a ship or the other sort of vessel. Boating accidents may result in death, disability, and high injury. one among the needs of admiralty law is to permit those injured to recover for losses thanks to another’s negligence, including the negligence of an employer. Maritime attorneys help the victims of sailing accidents determine which law applies and what claims could also be filed.

Causes of Boat Accident Injuries
Boating accidents can happen in any number of the way . the ocean is hit or miss place. A boating accident could involve a collision with another boat, collision with a hard and fast object, flooding or swamping, grounding or a collision involving an individual who is within the water, including a swimmer, diver, skier or one that has fallen overboard.

According to the U.S. Coast Guard, the amount one explanation for recreational boating accidents is operator inattention, followed by improper lookout, operator inexperience, machinery failure, intoxication, excessive speed, and a violation of navigation rules, to call a couple of . These could all be the results of negligence. Weather, hazardous waters and other forces of nature ranked lower.

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Does the Jones Act Apply to My Boating Accident?

The Jones Act may be a federal law that, among other provisions, allows seamen the proper to get over maritime employers. Whether or not the Jones Act pertains to your accident, therefore, depends on whether or not you meet the definition of “seaman.” The Jones Act defines a “seaman” as an individual who contributes to the mission or operation of a vessel or of an identifiable group of vessels, or has some kind of connection through his or her employment to a vessel or group of vessels if that connection is substantial in both duration (time) and nature (the job duties are significantly tied to the vessel or vessels).

The Jones Act, because it pertains to boating accidents and any injuries which may result, applies to crew members of vessels and other maritime employees. If you fit this description and were injured during a boating accident, you’ll be ready to recover under the Jones Act if your maritime lawyer can sufficiently prove that your injuries were caused by your employer’s negligence. Negligence can include acts and omissions by the employer, including the failure to properly train other workers, have policies in situ that make sure the safety of crew members and other employees, or keep a vessel properly equipped with safety equipment.

Can I Recover if i’m Not Covered By the Jones Act?

If you’re not covered by the Jones Act and are injured at sea during a boating accident involving either a commercial vessel or a recreational vessel, there are other laws which will be applicable to your situation.

The applicable law may depend upon the extent of the injuries you or your beloved suffered and the way far you were from the shore. as an example , if your beloved died at sea during a boat accident and was quite 3 nautical miles faraway from the shore of the U. S., you’ll recover under the Death on the High Seas Act. If he or she was closer than 12 miles, the wrongful death statutes of the state or territory generally apply.

Your attorney will help identify the simplest way for you to recover if injured during a boating accident thanks to another’s negligence.

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