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The eastern section of New Orleans, colloquially referred to as “New Orleans East” or just “The East,” is that the newest section of the town . Eastern New Orleans is bounded by the economic Canal, the Intracoastal Waterway and Lake Pontchartrain. Developed extensively from the 1960s onward, its numerous residential subdivisions and shopping centers offered suburban-style living within the town limits of latest Orleans. Its overall character is today decidedly suburban, resembling the archetypal postwar American suburb far more than the compactly-built environment found within the city’s historic core.
Before Hurricane Katrina Eastern New Orleans had begun to suffer from disinvestment and concrete decay. The flooding after Katrina, which affected almost the whole area, accelerated this trend, particularly within the retail sector. Numerous national chains present and operating in August 2005 opted to not reopen their stores and restaurants. Approximately 85,000 residents inhabit Eastern New Orleans today, representing alittle decline from the area’s peak population of 95,000 inhabitants recorded by the 2000 Census.
West Lake Forest was significantly impacted by Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Over 70% of residential properties also as nearly all commercial properties within the neighborhood received flood damage, wind damage, or both. Approximately 33.4% of West Lake Forest’s pre-Katrina household population had returned to the neighborhood as of June 2008.
Eastern New Orleans
Eastern New Orleans
Pines Village, the world closest to Chef Menteur Highway and therefore the Industrial Canal was one among the primary neighborhoods to be developed in Eastern New Orleans . The neighborhood’s namesake, Sigmund Pines, purchased and developed it with residences within the 1950s. Developing the neighborhood included leveeing the marshy area and lowering the water level by pumping, raising the extent of construction sites by use of hydraulic fill and eventually , building a system consisting of a series of lakes and canals.
Today, Eastern New Orleans also includes many smaller neighborhoods named after lakes, streets, and subdivisions like Lake Willow, Spring Lake, Kenilworth, Seabrook, Melia, Edgelake, Bonita Park, Donna Villa, Willowbrook, Cerise-Evangeline Oaks and chateau Manor.
Originally named Lake Forest, as development first centered along the easternmost segment of Lake Forest Boulevard, the Read Boulevard East area began growing within the 1970s and continues to develop. By the late 1990s, the neighborhoods of Read Blvd East were not majority white, but were particularly favored because the preferred place of residence for brand spanking new Orleans’ upwardly mobile African-American white-collar professional and entrepreneurial classes.
Eastern New Orleans houses around 85,000 residents and provides about one-tenth of the city’s land tax revenue.
Little development exists east of I-510, although this vast tract still lies within the town limits of latest Orleans. It includes the Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge, Chef Menteur Pass, Fort Macomb, historic Fort Pike on the Rigolets, and scattered areas of essentially rural character, like Venetian Isles, Irish Bayou and Lake Saint Catherine.
Village de L’Est is understood for its Vietnamese community. The Vietnamese community is additionally referred to as Versailles, because the earliest migrants to the world , arriving within the years after 1975, settled first within the Versailles Arms apartment complex. The commercial hub for this community extends along Alcee Fortier Boulevard, within Village de L’Est. Sometimes referred to as “Little Vietnam”, the world hosts variety of Vietnamese restaurants, including Dong Phuong Restaurant & Bakery.

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