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Central City  a neighborhood of the town of New Orleans. it’s located at the lower end of Uptown, just above the New Orleans Central downtown , on the “lakeside” of St. Charles Avenue. A subdistrict of the Central City/Garden District Area, its boundaries as defined by the town committee are: MLK Boulevard, South Claiborne Avenue and therefore the Pontchartrain Expressway to the north, Magazine, Thalia, Prytania and Felicity Streets and St. Charles Avenue to the south and Toledano Street, Louisiana Avenue and Washington Avenue to the west. This old predominantly African-American neighborhood has been important within the city’s band and Mardi Gras Indian traditions. 
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East Riverside  a neighborhood of the town of New Orleans. A subdistrict of the Central City/Garden District Area, its boundaries as defined by the town committee are: Magazine Street to the north,  Tchoupitoulas Street to the south Toledano Street to the east, and Napoleon Avenue to the west.
The Garden District  a neighborhood of the town of New Orleans, Louisiana, USA . A subdistrict of the Central City/Garden District Area, its boundaries as defined by the town committee are: St. Charles Avenue to the north, 1st Street to the east, Magazine Street to the south, and Toledano Street to the west. The National Historic Landmark district extends a touch farther
Irish Channel (French: Manche irlandaise, Irish: Cainéal na hÉireann)  a neighborhood of the town of New Orleans. A subdistrict of the Central City/Garden District Area, its boundaries as defined by the New Orleans town planning Commission are: Magazine Street to the north, First Street to the east, the Mississippi to the south and Toledano Street to the west.
Lower Garden District a neighborhood of the town of New Orleans. A subdistrict of the Central City/Garden District Area, its boundaries as defined by the town committee are: St. Charles Avenue, Felicity, Prytania, Thalia, Magazine, and Julia Streets to the north; the New Orleans Morial Convention Center, Crescent City Connection, and Mississippi to the east; Felicity Street, Magazine Street, Constance Street, Jackson Avenue, Chippewa Street, Soraparu Street, and St. Thomas Street to the south; and 1st Street to the west.
The Lower Garden District is usually confused with its more famous neighbor, the Upper Garden District, but it’s a singular , eclectic flavor all its own. Centered around Coliseum Square, the world is one among graceful vistas and curving streets, replete with classical names like Dryades, Melpomene, and Terpsichore. Indeed, Lee Circle, originally named Tivoli Circle, was envisioned as an anchor for the nine streets that reach from it, all named after the nine muses. the homes here actually predate those of the Garden District proper, since they were inbuilt the first years of the 19th century during the city’s upriver expansion from the French Quarter. Since the world remains within the process of being revitalized, many magnificent homes are often purchased here at reasonable prices, especially for those willing to take a position a touch “sweat equity.”
Milan a neighborhood of the town of New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.A. A sub-district of the Central City/Garden District Area, its boundaries as defined by the town committee are: South Claiborne Avenue to the north, Toledano Street and Louisiana Avenue to the east, St. Charles Avenue to the south, and Napoleon Avenue to the west.
Milan may be a fun, small pocket of latest Orleans to dive into. There are some magical homes along side soaring land prices, blighted properties, new construction, and renovations. you’ll find Victorian cottages, shotguns, camelbacks, and even some converted condos. there’s just a sprinkle of companies during this area, but you’re conveniently located for walking, biking or hopping on the streetcar. And if you’re keen on parading, this is often a wonderful location to urge in and out of the madness!
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Faubourg Livaudais a name for an area in Central New Orleans that some people have re-adopted based upon the name of a former plantation that was within the area. The neighborhood is essentially residential, and contains mostly modest sized homes.
New Orleans itself has many monuments, historical landmarks and designated neighborhoods to assist remind the inhabitants how far the town has come to be the amazing town it’s today. The Faubourg Livaudais area is within the National Register city center Historic District[3] and has many notable historical buildings and institutions, including up to about twenty churches throughout the world (Third Rose of Sharon Baptist Church , Gloryland Mt. Gillion Baptist Church , Second Mount Carmel Baptist Church , and Mt. Bethel Baptist Church , Pressing Onward Baptist Church , Second New Light Missionary Baptist Church , First African Baptist Church of latest Orleans, etc.) These churches are vital to Faubourg Livaudais due to many current residents’ great faith in religion. Religion also gives the people something to return together under, which is one among the most goals of the town
The neighborhood of Faubourg Lafayette a division within the city of New Orleans, Louisiana. it’s also referred to as the 10th Ward of latest Orleans,[1] and it’s one among the city’s 17 wards. Faubourg Lafayette was founded with small settlements around steamboat landings in New Orleans . John Poultney acquired the property from Madame Rousseau on May 2, 1818 (with M. de Armas, Notary, officiating). This was a plantation measuring about ten acres (ten arpents), near the Mississippi waterfront. The property was bounded by the lower line of the property that was owned by Jacques François Enoul de Livaudais. This property ran through the squares between Soraparu and First streets at Tchoupitoulas Street. St. Andrew Street is that the street that bounds the property below.
John Poultney caused an idea to be made by Joseph Pilie on Texas Independence Day , 1824, by which he subdivided his plantation into lots and squares. The subdivision was named Faubourg Lafayette, in honor of the Marquis de Lafayette, who visited New Orleans for four days in April 1825 during his triumphal tour of the us , the country whose independence he had helped to win in his youth.
Closer to the river, the 10th Ward includes a part of the lower Garden District. it’s also the situation of America’s first experiment with housing project , which started in 1937 when the country was filled with optimism with the beginning of the New Deal. President Roosevelt signed the loan for the development to commence, of the Magnolia Housing Projects, the primary authorized spending under the Housing Act of 1937, also referred to as the Wagner-Steagall Act.
Faubourg Lafayette may be a neighborhood that’s partly residential and partly commercial, with businesses like Brown’s Velvet Dairy. the most street is Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard, which is where most of the neighborhood’s businesses are located.
Touro a neighborhood of the town in New Orleans. A subdistrict of the Central City/Garden District Area, its boundaries as defined by the town committee are: St. Charles Avenue to the north, Toledano Street to the east, Magazine Street to the south and Napoleon Avenue to the west.
The Touro neighborhood is known as after Judah Touro, who founded Touro Infirmary in 1852. Formerly a neighborhood of the Faubourg Bouligny, this neighborhood is very wanted by renters and homeowners alike.
Centrally located Uptown, you’ll find neighbors walking their dogs and enjoying beverages at one among the various bars and restaurants within the area too. With a lively neighborhood association and their own private patrol, Touro residents rave about living there.
Nestled between Louisiana Avenue and Napoleon, you’re getting to be thrilled once you can walk to your favorite Mardi Gras parades. Delachaise bar , Shaya, Mignon Faget, and Cavan are all at your fingertips during this awesome New Orleans neighborhood.

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